OutsideView 8.1 has the ability to dynamically change toolbar labels to match the work you are doing.  This means you no longer have to remember what the function keys do, in different contexts.   If you are in Tedit, for instance, is it Shift+F3 or Shift+F4 that does a Move?  In ViewSys, is the Cache Hit Rate under F7 or F8?  With OutsideView’s Dynamic Toolbar labels, you no longer need to remember every Function key assignment in every context.  Instead, the toolbar labels change as you do.

Here is the dynamic toolbar for Tedit:

Educ Series #9 - Dynamic Toolbars - 2 Tedit

If you enter ViewSys, your toolbar display automatically changes to reflect function key actions for ViewSys:

Educ Series #9 - Dynamic Toolbars - 1 ViewSys

You can also customize the toolbars labels yourself!  Let’s say you are in SpoolCom, and have have the default toolbar.  Just right-click in it, and select Edit Button List:

Educ Series #9 - Dynamic Toolbars - 3  Spoolcom

It is very intuitive to define the toolbar label you want, including what the key ‘content’ is, and the hint or ToolTip display:

Educ Series #9 - Dynamic Toolbars - 4  Edit Screen

Would you like additional information about Dynamic Toolbars in OutsideView?   The linked video covers how to use and how to configure it, to make function keys input easier, faster and more efficient than before.

View the video covering Dynamic Toolbar:

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