Software Products

Software Products

Since 1986, Crystal Point has delivered solutions to organizations looking to leverage their NonStop enterprise application investments. From traditional host access products performing terminal emulation to host publishing applications that rejuvenate, repurpose and integrate multiple legacy applications, Crystal Point is the undisputed market leader.



For well over a decade, OutsideView™ remains the standard Tandem/NonStop terminal emulation product. If you go desktop-to-NonStop you’re probably already using OutsideView – and for good reason. No other product can match OutsideView’s deep functionality and speed. OutsideView is available in three different configurations; Web, Desktop, and Enterprise.  Read more



Your valuable legacy applications can now join the new era of distributed computing. AppViewXS™ provides reliable, secure access to host applications to create a seamless flow of information throughout an enterprise. AppView XS enables converting host based data into web formats without any real programming. It is an excellent solution for creating portals into your enterprise information and to facilitate migrating legacy systems. With AppViewXS there is no hard cutover step. The migration process from legacy to the new application is entirely transparent. Read More