Our Customers tell us that OutsideView is friendly, modern-looking, and a very intuitive interface.

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Our users tell us we have the most intuitive interface, with more of their favorite features.


Supporting the latest Windows environments, and offering the current generation views and toolbars, OutsideView continues to stay crisp and modern

Feature Rich

Whether it’s our popular identity caching, or live session thumbnails, or the ability to open entire sets of sessions at once, users can tell we keep their productivity needs paramount.


We offer the widest variety of installation methods, and users can tune OutsideView to operate exactly how they prefer. note to self- add installation methods here instead of the bottom.


Whether talking display speeds, or file transfers, OutsideView is highly optimized to provide exemplary performance


OutsideView has the tools our advanced users have wished for; from color-coded editors to a powerful .NET application program interface.


Allows users to connect, whether for terminal or file transfer purposes, via the latest SSL and SSH cryptographic algorithms.