Support Plan Description

Annual Star Support and Maintenance Agreement

Crystal Point’s expert technical support is dedicated to providing mission critical response to minimize costly downtime. Our goal is to respond to telephone support calls within two hours during normal business hours.

Unlimited Telephone Support
North American Star Plan customers are entitled to unlimited,  telephone support from 8:00 am to 5:00pm (PST), Monday- Friday, except holidays, at 1.425.806.1119.

Star Plan customers outside North America can call our global support telephone number, +1.425.806.1119 (USA) for unlimited, telephone support from 8:00 am to 5:00pm (PST), Monday – Friday, except holidays.

Unlimited Electronic Services
Star Plan customers are entitled to unlimited product support via fax, email, Internet and FTP sites. Our web site contains
• Technical documentation
• Example macros
• Electronic “Answer Book” of FAQ
• Training videos

Additional Support Services
• Product Release Notifications about new software releases
• Technical Bulletins
• Free Software Maintenance releases downloaded directly from our FTP site
• Free Feature releases
• 50% Discounts on major releases
• Pre-Installation Consultation for customers who purchase upgrades or new. The consultation includes: technical support via phone.
• 24-x7 access to Answerbook and training videos.

Who’s Covered?
Users of products with serial numbers currently enrolled for Star Support.
The Star Plan is available to those customers using the latest version of our products and one release back.
Contract Administrators will be given a 60, and 30 day renewal reminders. If the contract is not renewed by its renewal date a termination letter will be emailed and the affected serial numbers will no longer be eligible for support.

Payment Options

One payment covering a full year of unlimited support
Multi-year payment options are available
Automatic Renewal options are available
If additional product is purchased on the same Star Support Agreement during the year, support charges will be pro-rated to align with the existing renewal date.